We're a full spectrum production partner for creative brands that are looking to expand their audience engagement. Our passion and experience with all shapes of sound enable us to connect the dots and take your story to the next level.

Our talented team of composers deliver for a wide range of media, including games and advertisements. From minimal electronic tracks to full scale orchestral scores: we know what to do and when to do it.

Our acclaimed sound designers don't cut corners when it comes to quality and detail, turning ideas into immersive experiences. Our work includes game audio, sonic branding and dialogue editing.

Our experience with non-linear audio and middleware like Wwise makes us a trustable partner for game studios. We have a strong sense for tech and know how to think about sound from a developer perspective.


Meet the Team

Countless times convicted of composing music that sticks in people's heads.

Inspired by fantasy and weaponed with versatility he provides each production with 

a rememorable soundtrack.

He sang Disney before he could walk. It wasn't long before he took the baton and told the orchestra: "I'm your father...". May his music be with you.

His nickname is "The Big Bang", because he shapes galaxies with his incredible sonic toolshed. If you are really quiet, you can hear him crafting unique sounds right now...



Get in touch

+31 6 - 11 23 11 80


Dorresteinweg 72 16

3763 LL Soest