We provide an immersive audio experience by emotionally engaging your audience . . .

. . .  By approaching your project with a strong concept and crafting a unique and convincing sound . . .

. . . Covering audio post-production for motion picture, as well as non-linear design for interactive media . . .

. . . and balancing all audio properly, to ensure the impact of your story



Countless times convicted of composing music that sticks in people's heads.

Inspired by fantasy and weaponed with versatility he provides each production with 

a rememorable soundtrack.

Martijn Weber

Composer & Orchestrator

He sang Disney before he could walk. It wasn't long before he took the baton and told the orchestra: "I'm your father...". May his music be with you.

Michel Rumpff

Composer & Orchestrator

His nickname is "The Big Bang", because he shapes galaxies with his incredible sonic toolshed. If you are really quiet, you can hear him crafting unique sounds right now...

Wouter Meijer

Composer & Sound Designer



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