Our Mission

We believe every production should have a voice. With a passion for creative audio design, our versatile team takes your production to the next level!

We provide immersive music and sound design for film, animation and game studios that develop content with entertainment, promotional or educational value. We provide each project with a unique and convincing sound to make it stand out.


Meet The Team

Cristo Pruppers

Jon Doe

Sound Designer & Re-recording Mixer

"Stop, hey, what's that sound?!"  - it is Cristo, utilising his extensive sound palette! With his incredible skills, he has already contributed to a wide range of productions. Watch out Hollywood!

Martijn Weber

Jon Doe

Composer & Orchestrator

Countless times convicted of composing music that sticks in people's heads.

Inspired by fantasy and weaponed with versatility he provides each production with 

a rememorable soundtrack.

Michel Rumpff

Composer & Orchestrator

He sang Disney before he could walk. It wasn't long before he took the baton and told the orchestra: "I'm your father...". May his music be with you.

Roel van Heiningen

Mixing Engineer & Producer

It's a bird... It's a plane... It is Roel, delivering the most high-end mixes with the speed of sound! His artistic approach and workhorse mentality makes productions stand out!

Wouter Meijer

Composer & Sound Designer

His nickname is "The Big Bang", because he shapes galaxies with his incredible sonic toolshed. If you are really quiet, you can hear him crafting unique sounds right now...

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