Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide captivating music and sound design for media companies that want to develop projects for entertainment, promotional or educational purposes. We always look for new productions to work on and companies that want to enhance their media production with audio.


Auris Media is a Composition, Sound Design and Post Production company consisting of five active and enthusiastic members. Among the team are several composers with experience in (hybrid) orchestral composition all the way to Electronic Dance Music, a Sonic Designer whose main target is to create synthetic sounds that carry our watermark, a Sound Designer with experience in various kinds of media and a producer that crafts the unity of sound and empowers the musical statement.

Target Group

We provide our services to media companies ranging from games to film, animations and commercials.

Cristo Pruppers

My main focus and specialization is Sound Design. Music and sound have always been a big interest and passion for me. At a young age I tried to understand what effect sound had on me. I developed musical skills and used those to express myself. Over the years I have encountered many aspects of music and sound. From being a sound engineer and organizer of dance events, to being a club-DJ and sound designer for films. My curiosity for sound has only grown throughout the years and shaped me to the sound designer I am now.

Sound design is the art and practice of creating and recording sound for the moving image. I create a story or a vibe through sound. All the sounds that are being added to a moving image have a complimentary function, whether that is complimenting the image itself or the message the director wants to tell. I do this by recording the necessary sounds, researching relevant design techniques and spending time editing recorded material. I combine all the sounds in the studio and create extra sounds or effects if necessary. The final sound edit complements the media and it’s story.

Michel Rumpff

I am a driven composer for visual media. Ever since I was a small boy, I’ve been amazed by the essential role music plays in conjunction with films, documentaries and games. I started studying piano when I turned 4. In 2016 I got accepted at the University of the Arts in Utrecht and from that moment I’ve put the emphasis on scoring orchestral music for visual media.

What I fancy the most about the orchestra is its great ability to color. I like to compare composing with an orchestra to creating a painting with a color palette: one can mix colors in a million different ways and apply them with a great variety of brushes. This freedom makes it possible to create a very detailed painting that contains a lot of expression. Therefore, in the right hands, an orchestra is the perfect tool set for scoring visual media.

Wouter Meijer

I am a composer and sonic designer for a great variety of media. I’ve always been intrigued by elements in music that gave me goosebumps or created that wow factor. It’s the sonic characteristics in sound that can add phenomenal enrichment to a simple progression and melody. A strong melody is important but it is the way the sound of the melody is finished off that matters the most to me. I followed a 4 year Intermediate Vocational Education traject for sound design. After I finished that I applied for the Bachelor of Arts - Music & Technology to expand my compositional skills

I find it fascinating how music can steer people in feeling a certain way. With my music I want to add an immersive layer to a film or game experience. A thoughtful approach is very important to achieve this. It is important to keep the full story arc in mind. The music I compose varies from hybrid orchestral works to fully electronic music and more ambient & soundscape textural works.

Roel van Heiningen

I am a composer, mixing and mastering engineer. I love to be part of great creative projects. I like everything that got to do with audio, film and the fusion of these two. However, my biggest passion in life is music. I love the way a great idea turns into a concept, which turns into a piece of art that takes itself and the product it’s made for to the next level.
For my own work, I love to get my hands dirty and dive in right away. I work with a concept and take great pleasure in exceeding my own expectations and that of others when a concept turns into a beautiful piece of music.

I am mostly active in the Electronic Dance Music scene. I love the sounds of analog synths combined with all kinds of organic material. I am always interested to combine all kinds of music genres when making music, for that gives me new insights and skills as a professional.
Through my former collaboration experience in the music and cinematography scene I learned many variable technics to make projects more unique

Martijn Weber

I am a composer who writes music for several media such as games, movies and animations. I have been playing the piano since early age, improvising and composing my own pieces of music. As my passion for music became more and more prominent, I started studying Composition for the Media at HKU University of the Arts.

I focus on music for games and movies, not hesitating to use a virtual orchestra with hybrid band and electronic elements. In my opinion, music should be unique. Every piece should have its own authentic sound. I always look to find the right timbres, harmonies and textures to create the perfect result. Music has its obviousnesses, but I try to find what gives music its own personality. My versatility is what makes me unique. I don’t have a background in classical-, jazz- or pop music: I compose music with my own touch, inspired by many different genres. I am studious and interested, which is why I can write traditional as well as non-traditional music, in any style you can think of.

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