Virtuverse is a Sci-Fi RCE MMORPG. It integrates an intuitive economy system with action-based third-person gameplay. This game is still in development by a small team. 


We have been working on audio of this game since 2019 and are responsible for the creation of music and sound design and implementation using Wwise. 


There is more to come!​



(Raiders Outpost)


The Music

The music is inspired by games like Warframe/Destiny/The Outer Worlds. But the use of imagination is one of the approach on the music creation. Using a broad range synthesisers and orchestral elements.

Virtuverse presents a huge explorable, ever-growing universe to the player. Therefore the music of Virtuverse ranges from orchestral scores to ethereal soundscapes, to minimalistic, atmospheric music. In every part of the game, we offer immersive, interactive music that adapts to the situation the player is in. Whether it’s an otherworldly landscape,  a cave, high-paced combat or just a simple tutorial, every situation has its own kind of music! 

The Sound Design

The sound design is a combination of modern sci-fi and organic elements that are represented in enemies and the environment. We combine recorded sounds and synthesis to create unique and refreshing sound effects, with a hint of recognizable modern-day sounds to make every sound effect fit perfectly within its animation or situation. 


Every planet, every weapon, all the interface sound effects and all the enemies have their own vibe to them. We carefully pick our inspirations to start designing them, to achieve just what the game needs by then shredding voices and sounds, absurdly processing recordings, adding lasers and plasma and experimenting with our own creativity! 



The Implementation

For the implementation of our audio, we use Wwise. By diving deep into the software and experimenting with audio systems, we found the opportunity to create an adaptive system, based on states. 

Whenever the player reaches a specific location, situation or time the day, the music changes with smooth transitions to always keep the player emerged.