Virtuverse is a Sci-Fi RCE MMORPG. It integrates an intuitive economy system with action-based third-person gameplay. This game is still in development.


We've created and implemented all the sound for this upcoming game.



(Raiders Outpost)


The Music

Virtuverse presents a huge explorable, ever-growing universe to the player. Likewise, the music ranges from orchestral works to ethereal soundscapes and minimalistic, atmospheric music.

In every part of the game, there’s immersive, interactive music that adapts to the player location and state. Whether you find yourself strolling in an otherworldly landscape, or dealing with high-paced combat in a cave, every situation has its own music! 

The Sound Design

The sound design represents enemies and the environment with a combination of modern sci-fi and organic elements. We combine recorded sounds and synthesis to create unique sound effects with impact. 


Every planet and all weapons, interface sounds and enemies have their own vibe to them. We like to start off by very carefully creating the first layers of sound, and then, to achieve just what the game needs… we’ll start shredding voices and sounds, process recordings to an absurd extent, and add some lasers and plasma to finish it off! That’s part of our “secret sauce”…



The Implementation

We implemented all audio with Wwise, in a state-based adaptive audio system. Whenever the player reaches a specific location, situation or time the day, the sound adapts. Because we like to keep the players immersed.