Blue Horizon



This video made it into the top 10 spot of the 8Dio Score This: The Captain Challenge!

Composers were asked to score this beautiful video. Part of the core elements are the mellow instruments together with Anthology and some creative use of delays and reverb. Contrasting with the more symphonic part using Lacrimossa / Majestica / Anthology. Blended all together with the ambiences.

The concept:
The sea can be serene or rough, it is a joy for one and a fear for another. But one thing is for certain: it contains an unpredictable and hidden power. These hidden powers are translated into music through the use of various sounds, each with a different intensity. The waves, that carry the power of the ocean, are sonified through a powerful harmonic motion.

To add life to the this precious gift of nature, a detailed and realistic sound design seemed appropriate. It adds an extra dimension to the experience.

The music needed to be in service for the beautiful ocean shots and not vice versa. Therefore it seemed appropriate to let the sound design speak first. The music starts when the camera pans out of the waves and starts to tell us the story of the ocean.